Thursday, April 1, 2010

Carambola Gardens

Yesterday Emily, Jeanette and I went to Carambola Gardens and wandered throughout such green and caribbean flora and fauna that at times I was overwhelmed by the beauty.   I think this is one of Roatan's best kept secrets.   There are acres and acres of paths, secluded little alcoves with benches and hammocks, colorful flowers, exotic plants!!   

We opted to take the 'mountain path' to enjoy the view of Anthony's Key.   The weather was just perfect.. a bit overcast so it wasn't too hot for the climb.   I hate spider's but I must admit I did enjoy seeing the golden silk posing so beautifully in her web.   At one point I was leading the way and I saw a HUGE snake slithering in the fauna beside me.   I screamed!!   I think it was a boa.   I hate snakes the most of all little creatures.  I am not sure why but they really freak me out.   That was the only unpleasant part of the walk yesterday.

The view of Anthony's Key is breathtaking and worth the climb  up.   We had alot of fun taking pictures and laughing together.   A wonderful way to spend the morning.

 Jeanette let me try on her tilley hat... I have a big head so it was a little small but they are cool hats.


  1. My dream is to live on the beach. Great pictures and wonderful blog.

  2. I would have screamed over the snake too! You heard me scream about the lionfish...I think the snake would have been worse...yikes!