Monday, April 5, 2010

catching up....

a sunset is a wonder to behold
but a sunset with the ones you love is a pleasure beyond words

this past saturday we moved from our place in sandy bay 
to seadancer for one week since the owners (of our rental)
are here on holidays

i enjoy seadancer
it is wonderful to be right on the sea and have a long dock
to enjoy snorkeling from and to sit and watch glorious sunsets

which in spanish means little mango
he looks like a mango that is ripening up!!
bob gave me a gift certificate for a bird for christmas
and well... finally we got him
he is an african fischer lovebird.
at this point he is very shy 
but is getting more and more used to us each day
we enjoy watching him play, climb, and soon i will be 
training him 
he loves to go for car rides
 today i took him to the butterfly gardens
and dylan clipped his wings for me.
that will aid in training him.
sweet little mangito....
click on this to make it larger
our friends denise, and luba's family
brought down school supplies and many pairs of shoes for the children
it was unfortunate that their cruise ship wasn't able to dock
but we still were able to receive the donation through the children's home
here and yesterday jeanette, emily and i met up with lydia
and she took us to several needy families at the point in
french harbour
there were many smiling faces that day!!

happy belated easter everyone.
we had a wonderful day.
starting, of course, with the traditional
sunrise service out on the dock

later we went to jeremy and melissa's church 
where little sebastian was dedicated
and we had a wonderful afternoon together over lunch at 
mayan princess.

 in the evening don and jeanette came over and we had 
a lovely easter meal together:

scalloped potatoes
 green beans
 glazed carrots 
several varieties of cheese cake!

it was a wonderful day although i admit:
i found myself missing my boys and wishing they were here.
 as much as i love roatan
i find lately there is a powerful pull to be near them again.
it isn't easy for me to not have them near.....
 a mother's love can reach a long distance
but at times i long to hear their voices, the sound of their laughter,
the warmth of their hugs.
if you have family nearby then please don't take them for granted
go and give them a big hug.
really...  go do it...  

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