Sunday, April 11, 2010

palmetto bay

on thursday
chris, our neighbor, at seadancer
offered to take us out to palmetto bay
to see the coral garden.

it was a perfect calm day
the sea was almost like glass
you don't get many days like that here
so it was a great day to go out in his boat

i love being out in a boat here
you really get to see the variation of the water colors
the water over sand is turquoise
the water over grass is a greeny blue
the deep water is deep deep deep blue!
you put all of that together and it takes my breath away!!

it is so wonderful to be able to go out in a boat
i was surprised again to see how 'hilly' roatan is.
you can really see that from the sea.
our friends, chris and carla are from prince george, bc
and they are wonderful, funny and down to earth
 let heaven and earth praise Him
the seas and all that move in them.
psalm 69:34

the coral garden was a maze of sea waving
plants and coral
it is hard to capture with the camera
it is hard to write about
it is a relatively shallow area
say about 12 feet
with many different type of coral and fans
flowing rhythically to the current
at one point we were close to the reef
and the current was quite strong.
even the little fish were being tossed
back and forth
back and forth

 this gives you a sense of the movement

i just relaxed and let the current take me
was really cool.
good thing i don't get seasick!!!

see how green the water is.. that is because of the sea grass

carla spotted a scorpian fish
which i had never seen before
we had fun 'chasing' it around so chris could get some good video footage
they are really awesome looking fish!
he camouflages really well.. he is on the left side at the bottom

after our snorkel we had a lovely
lunch at palmetto bay resort
and then lounged in their fresh water pool.

it was a wonderful way to spend a day.
thanks chris and carla for taking us out there.
you are great folks!!!

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