Monday, January 25, 2010


Hanging out in Florida.  Pretty much on the couch.   Going out for dinner since I am the cook and no one wants to eat food served by a sick cook.  Pretty good principal I think.

I am starting to feel better.   So thankful for that.

Last night Bob and I went to see the movie Avatar.  I smiled through most of it.  It was delightful.  It was!  I loved the whole 3D experience.  I confess that we bought the movie from one of the movie guys on the street in Roatan but to see it on the big screen and with the 3D was really awesome!!   It is a shame that they made God a female, but other then that it was inspiring and beautiful.

I took this in the airport for Emily.
she loves manatees.

We are hoping to go to Sanibel.. maybe tomorrow as the weather is looking up a bit.   It is funny to come to Florida and be cold!!   :-)

Bob's Mom is enjoying being spoiled by us and I know the company is good for her.

the palms are all brown and dead here

Bob and his Mom on her 83rd birthday!

this tree caught my eye as we were going into 
a restaurant.
I am glad I went over to take the photo

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