Monday, January 11, 2010

been a bit chilly these days

 it  sure has been cold.
apparently this is record breaking  weather.
the coldest in history!!!
with the wind factor going down to around 40F.
it has been raining heavy for a few days now,
high winds,
power outages,
and waves around 11 feet high.

 there weren't alot of people on the beach except for crazy photographers and this one lady who is a runner!!

the view from the hill by turtle crossing.
you can see west bay below

the waves on west bay are wonderful!!

today we went to coxen hole and saw people carrying umbrellas,
wearing jackets and jeans.
i weakened and put on my jeans, socks, shoes, a fleece and a scarf!!
i know it isn't as cold as canada but for tropical weather it is cold and very damp!
we met a couple of ladies from north carolina.
i saw them standing under the shelter of a shop in coxen hole
and mosied over to talk to them.
they wanted to go through the mercado.
i didn't feel right about them wandering through there alone and ending up
in a 'bad area' of coxen hole so bob went to the bank while
i played tour guide.
they wanted to see our shop so we drove over and opened up for them.
they loved the variety of things we had and bought alot of stuff.
then we went for lunch in west end at rudy's.
it was freezing.
they were amazed that we'd stop everything to be with them.
one thing we have alot of:  TIME!

real men carry umbrellas!

one good thing is that things are turning a beautiful green!!!

i have laryngitis right now
(cough cough cough)
tomorrow i will be going to the 'made in roatan' shop
i am being real quiet these days hoping my throat will heal
up before tomorrow.

it is so quiet here.
bob is in heaven!

actually i think it is too quiet for his liking!

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