Saturday, January 23, 2010

on route

So much of life depends on attitude.  Today we got up at 4:50, flew to La Ceiba, then to San Pedro where we waited for 4 hours, flew to Fort Lauderdale where we waited 3 hours, flew to Orlando and drove to Sebring.   Arriving at Bob's Mom's at midnight.

So we can either bemoan all the travel and the waiting or we can simply say "we don't have to do anything today except wait and travel"

We have opted to go with the latter attitude.   :-)

this is the little plane we flew in from la ceiba to san pedro sula

 i love the view from san pedro.  i would like to explore this area a little more.

a glorious day of travel!!

I have always love to travel.  I always get excited at the thought of getting on a plane and going anywhere!!   I remember my first really big trip was going to Israel when I was just out of high school.   That was a big deal for a small town girl from Atikokan but at that point in my life I was really searching for truth and longed to find God.  I thought that going to Israel would reveal who He was. I was seriously considering Judiasm.  But the whole time I was there I kept thinking about Jesus.  That may seem normal to you considering I am a woman of faith now, but truly I was the least likely to accept Him as my saviour.   I didn't accept Him at that point, but that trip to Israel really confirmed to me the living, breathing reality of the Messiah.   So having said that, travelling exposes us to things that we wouldn't normally do and be exposed to.

We are excited to be able to see Bob's Mom and celebrate her 83rd birthday tomorrow.   I love Birthdays.   As our parents get older I think it is important to make the effort to connect and keep making memories.  It is hard to not live close so we try to get there when we can. 

PS In Florida now.  I have been sick since coming here. No internet at the house.  Feeling out of touch a bit.   Missing all of you.   But resting up and relaxing and doing bunches of nothing.

I will come back in a few days and update you on life here.  I have been at Bob Evans Restaurant for too long already so I think I better go home.  Next time, the first thing I do will be to blog.

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