Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a beach walk

Bob and I went for a walk to seadancer.  that was the place we stayed for a few months when we first moved here.  I love to go there.   It was a little windy and cold.   But still so beautiful.
beach walk slideshow

Bob was happy to have Don come over to help with the wiring for his shop (on the property)  It is great to have Don and Jeanette back on the island again.  They are our friends from St. Louis and live here for half the year.

I did some gardening this afternoon.   Jeanette brought me some 'rooting hormones' so I can plant shoots without roots. Marco brought me a plant with lovely yellow flowers but no roots so I trust it will grow.   I also planted my poinsetta plant this afternoon too. I love being able to enjoy it all year round.

Yesterday I went to the shop and met the most wonderful couple.   You can read about it here
josiah and cali

It is cold here.   Bob is sitting opposite me wearing jeans, work boots, and a heavy fleece jacket. 
Time for supper.

Have a great evening.



  1. Lovely stream of consciousness and lovely pictures. It's currently snowing here, so very picturesque from inside, wrapped up in my fleece blanket with cats occasionally stopping by to provide additional warmth. Very nice to combine my enjoyment of the snow with such beautiful beach images!

  2. tracy you need to make a nice winter slide show for me to view while sitting out on the deck!! :-)

  3. definitely! snow coming your way soon....