Monday, December 31, 2012

The Kettle Miracle

So some of you know that I LOVE coffee!   I have been called a coffee snob by some but I don't know if I would go that far.  I have several different ways of making coffee but my favorite is to use my bodum (you can watch the video if you are visual)   For those who are not accustomed to using a french press to make coffee let me quickly give you a lesson on how to make the BEST coffee!   Boil water, put 2T per 8 oz of water, let brew for 4 min. (no more or it will be bitter)   Perfect coffee!!!

I won this for having an Epicure party.  It is insulated and  I love it!

You have the instructions so you know that the first step is right?   Boil the water.  Okay,I am Canadian and we love electric kettles.  They are a super fast way of boiling water.   I have one the kinds that shut off automatically.

So yesterday I go to make coffee,  I flick the switch and... nothing happens!!   No power!   WHAT??!  Oh no, no no.... I try it again.  I hit it (yes you read that right, I smack it on the side:  hard since that often works) and no power!  I try another outlet and still no power.  I sigh.  I think to myself, "Oh drat, I hope I can find another one here on the island!"  We don't have Walmart, and the things the grocery store gets in are often very random.

Now I know what you are thinking:  just put water in the pot and boil it.  I don't like that.  It takes too long and also sometimes when I pour the  boiled water into my bodum it splashes me.  So I opt to use my Moka Pot which is my second favourite way to drink coffee.

Still I am eyeing my kettle sadly.. What a shame.  What a shame!!  I had planned on taking it to my electrical friend Don to get him to test the plug.   I am just not willing to go buy another one!!  (we are on a budget plus I am cheap!)

So here we are now, this morning at 5:45.  I am ready to make coffee.  I just instinctively go to my kettle and click the button.  Nothing!!  Oh drat.  I repeat all the above steps:  I hit it hard, I try another plug in and I am bemoaning it.  I say O Lord this is terrible!   Then this thought occurs to me:  take out some of the water!  I think to myself, well why not?  It can't hurt!

 And guess what?  I do it and I try the switch and IT WORKS!!!!!!!   I burst out laughing.   HALLELUJAH!


A miracle?  I think so!   The Lord can do anything!!  I mean really why would taking water out of an electric kettle make it work?  I talked to my friend Don and he said he doesn't know why pouring water out would make it work.

Why would putting mud on your eye make you see?  (John 9: 1-7)
  Why would passing around bread and fish feed 4000? (Matt 14:15-21)
Why fill up large jugs with water to serve at a wedding feast? (Luke 14:7-14)
 Why was there a coin in a fish's mouth???   (Matt. 17: 24-27)

Because He loves to test us to see if we will actually do what He says!  It takes faith to obey. When He says something:  do it!

 I could have said, "Nah I am not taking water out of that kettle, that won't help!  It doesn't make sense!" I did it and then HE DID THE REST!   Nothing is too hard for Him. Many things that  Jesus asks us to do don't make sense ... to us.

I am going to make a second cup of coffee:  cheers and blessings to you and yours in the New Year!
And for the record:
Yes the water boiled but it didn't turn into wine... maybe next time!  


  1. Happy last day of 2012 - and thanks for the laugh. I had a visual of you slapping the kettle.
    love you
    xxx Bonnie xxx

  2. haha! i is my fonzie move! :-)

  3. Hi auntie Debi!

    It took me a little while to find you on the internet, but I just wanted you to know your 365 inspired me to do one, finally (I've tried a bunch of times and failed).

    Take a look when you've got some time :)

    Say hi to uncle Bob!

  4. Hi
    Miss you on Flickr!! :-(
    Looks like life is still good for you-
    Best Wishes
    Marilyn2d on Flickr