Thursday, April 11, 2013

A fish and a bad eye

Have you ever had God answer a prayer within minutes of you praying about it?   That is so fantastic when that happens isn't it?   I was on the deck quietly reading my bible at the beginning of another day.  As I looked out towards sea I saw young man fishing.  Now you can't think about fishing in a North American context:  no fishing pole, no net, not boat.  Just a young man wading through the shallow water using a plastic pop bottle with fishing line wrapped around it.  As I watched him repeatedly throw out his line I was moved by this realization:  that boy isn't fishing for fun, he is fishing for breakfast!!!

he was right by the dock in the shallows fishing

So I asked the Lord to please help him to catch a fish.  Within minutes I noticed him struggling with the line and so I earnestly prayed that the fish would not get away.   By this time I am standing up at the railing of our deck, looking down towards the sea and I am pleading with God for that fish to stay on the line.  .   He caught the biggest jack fish ever!!   He lifted his 'prize' towards the sky and hollered "whoo hoooooooooo!"   He didn't know I was watching him but soon I joined in clapping and hollering.  He looked up at me and I loudly said, "I just prayed you'd catch a fish!!!  Isn't God good?!!!"   He was so happy and he said, Yes yes yes!!!  :-)

So fast forward to last night (about a week later) and I am on the beach taking a lovely sunset photo and a young man came up to me and said "Can you take a photo of my eye?"  I am telling you and you will see for yourself that is one scary looking eye!!! 

  Apparently he was looking up a tree (for an iquana) and a branch fell directly into his eye!!!  His mom sent him to a doctor on the Mainland but I don't know what they did because it really looks bad.  Unfortunately he has lost his vision. He did go to the Doctor in San Pedro and was recommended to have follow up here on the island but he never returned.   I was sad to hear this news.

But guess what???   The guy with the bad eye is the same guy who caught the fish!!!!!!!  :-)   As we were talking he told me that it was him. 

 I laughed and said, well He answered your prayers for food and He will answer your prayers for your eye as well.   There is a possibility that we will be able to get an artificial eye.  I am looking into that now.

Thanks for any part you choose to play with this young man named Louis, either by praying or by giving.  May you be truly blessed!!!

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