Thursday, December 27, 2012

Because We Care Food Drive 2012

We are so grateful to all those who donated to Because We Care!!  We had several fundraisers at various restaurants and we want to say  to thanks Bananarama, Infinity Bay, Cal's Cantina, Blue Bahia, Mayoka Lodge for hosting them!

We are also grateful to those who came into the Made in Roatan shop and donated in our 'calabash' donation container.    We appreciate every donation.  And lastly, we thank our friends and family who send us very generous donations that really helped to make our goal of reaching 1,500 a reality.

To one and all:  thanks!
I personally would like to thank Nidia Webster for helping to organize and coordinate contacts in each community who  give us lists of the poorest of the poor.   Thanks for spear heading this Nidia.  We love you and thank God for you!!
This year  we had a two day drive with very long hours and I was once again astounded by the cheerful 'elves' who helped out tirelessly!!   What a team!!!!

we fed about 1,500 families!!  

an awesome team of volunteers
 The first day of our drive we went into  Mud Hole, Corazal, Hottest Sparrow, Wild Cane, Man Trap, Brass Hill, Spring Garden, Isla Bonita, Flowers Bay, the Barrinche in West End.
the mom's waiting to get their bag of food and one sheet at Mud Hole

some gifts were small like sunglasses but they were still happy

even the dogs were happy!

it was good to visit with old friends and share His love

these kids at  Corazol were so happy with their toys

this little girl at Hottest Sparrow was delighted with this sweet sucker
Can you imagine making a living collecting garbage?  that is what these people do.  they were so happy to get food
the people of wild cane walking home with their bags of food

you can see there is just as much joy in giving as in receiving
Just to give you an idea of what happened at each location this is what we did.   There was a caravan of about 8 vehicles loaded with either food, sheets, candy or toys.   We would pull up to find people patiently waiting for us.   First things first was candy for the kids from Santa.   Then we would hop in the back of the truck and hand out age appropriate toys for kids from ages baby to about 10 years old.   After the kids were happily eating candy and playing with toys we would gather the adults and Nidia would check her list.   Each person was called forward and they would recieve a bag of food and essentials that would last about a week, and they were also given a sheet (donated from the cruise ship)  There was, of course, always more people there that were on our list and we are grateful to have extra to give to those who came.

Our second day we donned our santa hats, prayed for strength and grace and headed out to El Swampo, Crawfish Rock, El Higuero,  Milton Bight, Pollitilly Bight, Punta Gorda (thanks to Catherine and Alex for being willing to pick up the food for that) and Lucy Point.   I know that it because of the kindness and support of many of you, that kids went to bed with a smile on their faces, sweetness on their lips and a toy by their side.  I know Mom's were able to make food not only for Christmas Day but throughout the week.   But more then anything I know that many had HOPE that He has not forgotten them.   It was a special blessing to me to be able to share with many about His great love and His mercies that are new every morning.  No matter what:  He is faithful.

At El Swampo (photo by Marion Seaman)
Driving to Crawfish Rock

The kids sang to us, my favorite was "This is the Day that the Lord has made"

Crawfish character

Beautiful mom and baby.  we  were able to hand out clothe donations to many 

El Higuero

Pastor Alex and his wife from Punta Gorda took enough food for 60 families.
Our words cannot convey the JOY it was to give in this way and to support people who often live in such remote areas that they are overlooked.   The people hugged us, thanked us, thanked God and went home with HOPE!

Thanks again for playing a part!  I wish you all could have been standing beside us.  Perhaps next year??   :-)

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