Friday, March 11, 2011

No power, His power....

As most of you know I am an early riser, so I was having my first cup of
coffee at around 5:15 when I saw a flash off in the distance and then, wham
the power went out.
I thought that perhaps a line had been struck by lightning
and decided to head back to bed instead of sitting in the dark
drinking my coffee.

I assumed the power would come on in a few hours as it usually does
and in the meantime David and I decided to go for a walk.
We got the news this week that he has Ankylosing spondyltis 
So he needs daily exercise and stretches to keep from seizing up or worse: fusing! 
We suspected all along that there was something wrong since he had
very little flexibility.
Even still, it still came as a shock.

He is taking it quite well but I know it is a hard since he doesn't know how
quickly it the discs in his back and neck will fuse and what that will mean for him
We are praying and trusting the Lord will not only help David to cope
but also to bring healing.
I know He can do it since nothing is impossible with Him.
Thanks in advance for your prayers.

This week has been full of trials and tests for us.
We are navigating some problems with our investment, and are currently
really 'tight' financially, and will be for the next few months.
Of course it is the week where the water pump
goes and as well our car needed a new battery.

I am participating in a study on Believing God by Beth Moore,
so I think my faith is truly being put to the test.
For the most part I have peace through out all of this
but have moments when it threatens to overwhelm me.
I am grateful for His peace in the midst of hard times.
Truly I am.

This little dog has decided to move in!!
Look at those sad little eyes!
We were surprised to see this sweet little doggie sitting on our porch when we went for our walk. 
Moto, our dog had his first sleepover and this little guy didn't have any intention
of going home to his place on the beach.

It was a lovely walk, mild and beautiful. 
I don't know why I didn't bring 
my camera case because once the rain started I was worried about my camera
getting wet
but we used the big leaf as an umbrella for my camera

smart huh?!
 As we were making our way home, donning the leaf over my camera
in the rain, that we ran into Truman, our neighbor and he told us the reason 
the power was out.
A power pole had fallen over due to the heavy rain in the night

The power pole on the beach and the water  that runs down from the Colonia had
over time eroded away all the 'sand' around it.
What I thought was a flash of lightning was actually the
power line bursting into flames as the pole fell to the ground
We were so thankful  that it fell away from the sea because if it was later
and had fallen the other direction it could have fallen on the kids going to school!

We tried to call Reco, the electric company but none of the numbers
worked so we actually drove to report the outage.

I am happy to say that by late afternoon, the crew had dug down,
put in a cement fitting, re-attached the lines
and soon we had power again!
Way  to go Reco guys!!!
I was so grateful they fixed it so quickly as I thought
the way the rest of the week was going that maybe we'd be without power
for a few days...
but thankfully that wasn't true!!

Oh about the little spaniel doggy:
I took him back to the owner on the beach
He didn't want to stay there so they had to lock him inside.
We will see how long it lasts!

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