Sunday, March 20, 2011

the mission trip to the mainland!

On Thursday Bob and I hopped on to a little Sosa plane to fly to Tegucigalpa on the Main land to go to a mission retreat in Valle de Angeles (valley of angels). A month ago there was a terrible plane crash where 14 people lost their lives flying into that airport that has is classified one of the top 5 worst airports to fly into.. so needless to say we were praying and there was a cooperate sigh of relief when we landed.  We were gratefully met at the airport by a young honduran woman named Sumaya who generously drove us to the Canadian Embassy so Bob could get his passport renewed (with no problems.. hallelujah!) and then to various stores.   The one thing I wanted was small round magnets for making seashell and driftwood magnets but to no avail. Oh well.   We are having some friends from Canada come on Thursday and I hope they were able to find some.

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Being in Telg. was quite the experience!!  My first impressions: what a busy city!!  It was like culture shock for me after being on this quiet small island for so long!!  I was happy to finally leave the city limits and start our  22 km. drive up to Valle de Angeles. 

what a quaint little village!

This little village is surrounded by mountains, covered in pine trees and has the largest most fragrant roses I have seen in a long time.  The town is all cobbled stone, narrow roads with quaint little shops and restaurants and cultural delights around every corner.  The people are friendly and as they say there  "esta lugar es muy tranquilo"  (this place is very peaceful).  On our free time we enjoyed wandering around shopping, and talking with the locals.  

My first impression:   it is cold!!   They told us to bring warm clothes and I am glad for the jeans and the hoody I brought but I was chilled all weekend.  But the elevation is about 3000 ft so it is to be expected and it was a nice change.   Even with a warm blanket, and socks my feet were still cold!   But the air was fresh and that was a nice change!

My second impression:   so many flowers!!!  I don't need to tell you I was in flower heaven!  I was.  Oh my goodness!  Our little hotel had so many amaryllis growing:  deep reds, oranges, striped pinks!  I was in my glory.   As well there were geraniums, daisies, cosmos, roses, lilies, glads, impatience... every imaginable flower!  OH!!   One thing my Mom taught me is: there is no harm in asking.  So I went to the owner and asked for some of the amaryllis, lily and a purple alium and of course, he said yes (hallelujah)
It was quite humerous seeing us walking through the airport with a big bag of plants and a dozen donuts from dunkin donuts.   Life is better on Roatan with flowers and donuts I'd say!!

i was overwhelmed by the beauty!

My third impression:   I love these missionaries in Honduras!!!   The people we met were so friendly, God filled and real.   It was wonderful to exchange stories and passion, pray together, laugh together and learn together.  The key speaker for the retreat was David P. Robinson who taught us about "Coaching and Leadership"   You can check out his website here.   It was a wonderful, refreshing, empowering, connecting time! 

what a wonderful time we had!!

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