Saturday, October 16, 2010

a trip to the market

yesterday bob and i went to the market to buy beans.  there is a shortage of beans right now due to wet weather.  AND the prices are  skyhigh! (by honduran standards) everyone is up in arms about it.  they are even talking about it on TV.  they have to pay over a dollar a pound!!   you may say that isn't much but to these people who eat it everyday and many of them aren't working or if they are, they are making less then 12.00 a day.   we were blessed the other day when a couple from canada sent us 200.00 for helping the needs here, and bob looked at me and said, BEANS!!!

so off we went to the market.  we bought a 100 lbs of beans!! that was a good day for that vendor!
i wish we had bought 20 lbs from various vendors at the market but we didn't think of that til later
so that one man received a huge blessing yesterday!

i know this is going to be such a blessing to many people. we will start to package it up early next week. we are waiting for a couple more things to come from the mainland. times are desperate on the island. really tough!

please pray with us that we will have the wisdom to know who to give extra help to at this time,
as i said, everyone is struggling financially, many without work, and so the needs are really great right now!

beautiful, bible in her lap, praying!  we have to keep praying!
as we left the market the rain began to fall!

we had planned on going to the bank to renew don and jeanette's registration on their car.  it is due soon and they had asked us to do that for them while they are away in the states til january.   so we agreed to meet the lady at the bank to get the registration renewed.  we had no idea we would be facing a torrential downpour.  oh how it rained!!  it was incredible!   within minutes the road in front of the bank began to flood!   we were grateful for two things:  an overhang by the bank so we could have dry shelter, and also that our friend ida was cooking a BBQ under that overhang so we could have lunch while we waited for the rain to stop!   

at one point, i was sitting down eating my lunch (BBQ pork, potato salad, refried beans, and tortillas.. YUM!) and this truck drove by soooo fast and literally drenched me from head to foot.  fortunately, i wasn't facing the road, and i jumped up before my food got soaked, but i looked like a drowned rat.  yes, you can laugh at this image.. it was quite funny.   the rain didn't let up for quite a while so we braved the elements under my umbrella and ran to the car.  by the time we got home i was so thankful for a hot shower, and a good cup of tea.

people outside the clinic trying to sweep the water away before it flooded the inside!!
this is a person wrapped in plastic trying to make it home dry!!

traffic heading towards the gas station

when it rains the red earth just flows down from the hills. it is dangerous because of the erosion!

just another typical day on the island.  i can't thank you enough  for your prayers and your support!!!
we are doing our part to help here on the island and we can't do it without you.

we also started a small group last week and it is wonderful!  we realize that we give and give alot and often our own needs get neglected so we are grateful for the people who gather in our livingroom weekly to worship, pray and provide support. it is wonderful!!!

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