Monday, October 25, 2010

after the storm

Hurricane Richard stayed out in the ocean on the north side instead of coming right over Roatan as predicted.  We experienced high winds and rain but it could have been worse.  We were left with broken trees, limbs scattered everywhere, and power lines down.  I am so grateful for Reco, our electric company for working hard all day to get the power restored to the island. .
 No power meant a quiet day for us:  reading, napping, playing games together.   At around 2:00 we heard traffic on the roads again so we ventured out where I was able to take some photos. We spent the evening with high powered flash lights and candles everywhere.  It looked really beautiful in the house.. like Christmas Eve!   When the power came on at around 9:30 pm we were so grateful as we were getting a little nervous about food spoiling in the fridge as we were without power for about 18 hours.
I talked with Carlos this morning and he said that their weren't any major problems in the Colonia.  He had a large tree near their house that was being ravaged by the wind (my words not his!) so several neighbors came over and they chopped it down before it fell on their house.   He is actually happy because now they will have more breeze coming through.
Today is going to be a major clean up day around the island!  But soon it will all be back to it's beautiful ways!   Thanks again for your prayers.   We are all safe and grateful! 
the wind took two our papaya tree and 4 banana trees

papaya anyone?

leaves were strewn everywhere!

power poles and lines were damaged.  grateful to reco for restoring power so quickly

saw this guy in coxen hole.. love his winter jacket!

for sale?   after a bit of clean up i'd say!

alot of the roads weren't passable but they worked hard to get things cleaned up quickly

buddy by candlelight

i picked this gardenia from the garden.. beautiful isn't it?

buddy was nervous but i kept him close to me.  that helped

light shines in darkness .. always.. grateful for His presence


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