Saturday, October 23, 2010

hurricane richard

well it looks like richard is going to come to roatan!  we were hoping that he would come as a tropical storm but they have said that he is a category one hurricane.   he is barreling his way towards us and should be here in all his fury around 7 am sunday morning.   they are predicting 65 mph winds and about 6 - 8 inches of rain.   we are praying.. needless to say.

dark moody sky by barefoot cay

we went to french harbour this morning (i stayed in the car resting my achilles tendon, fear not) as we were driving home the skies got fiercely dark and moody and soon the rain was falling so heavy it was difficult to see while driving.

these boys were so happy to get a ride!

that was just a little taste of what is to come.    the rains have stopped, for now.  we are as ready as we can be.. extra water, food in the cupboards, lots of batteries, and candles, new tigo stick, phone cards are full, gutters are cleaned out (thanks to carlos!)  i am a tiny bit worried about my new little plants.. i hope they don't drown!

but my big concern is for the people who live up in the colonias.  it is very hilly up there and many people have built make shift houses.  with the threat of flash floods i pray they will be safe.  will you join me?   also all the people who live in dixon cove have alot of trouble with flooding.  last storm they were evacuated to the church in french harbour for the night.  please pray for them.

we handed out food and sheets to people in hopes that at least they will be fed and warmer.  bob went to hottest sparrow yesterday.  thanks to those of you who sent money for food.  we were able to get rice, beans, lard, flour, and sugar to give out to many families. i sent carlos home with extra food and a couple of old blankets from the house.  he was so grateful you'd think i had just got him a complete 'bed in the bag' instead of a bunch of old hand me downs.  they are so appreciative here.  makes giving easy.

 i saw this guy today riding around before the rains fell
such a good reminder...
"He was pierced for our transgressions"
Isaiah 53:5
no matter what we face
He has been through worse and will see us through!

so now we wait. 
and we pray.
  please join us in this.
  thanks for your ongoing support. it means so much to us!

we will keep you posted!  xo

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