Friday, July 2, 2010

July 1, 2010

its that time again folks
time to take another trip to the east side!

this is luz enjoying the breeze and the view

we linked up with charles bodden and took a 
tour through the mangroves.
his dorie was very narrow but he assured us
it was good n stiff. 
(whatever that means!)

isn't the water the bluest you have ever seen??

master dorie driver
amazing story teller

 no fear
heading straight into the waves
love that!

this little girl was looking down at the sea turtles
she had the greenest most beautiful eyes in the world.

meet flora
from punta gorda
she is the lady who made this seashell fence

this is her house
umm.. interesting
i have never seen so many crocheted items before.
they were everywhere.. covering the furniture, the tv, the stereo
she has been living in new york for the past 25 years and just
recently returned to punta gorda to retire.
a wonderful warm lady!

nothing like a good strong wind to dry your clothes!
i love the shadows on the beach.

the catholic church
St. Ignatius Loyola
being entertained by the garifuna dancers

look at that view!
incredible isn't it?
this is the new golf course that is open
called the Black Pearl.
the view of french harbour from the top of the
golf club house.
beautiful isn't it?
i am happy to see these orchids.
i thought there was only one variety of orchids on the island
nice to see another kind.
this was taken at rick and luz'

that is enough photos for now
i can't believe that after going to the east side
over a dozen times that i never tire of the views
i enjoy meeting the people over there 
they are warm, engaging and down to earth.

it was a great way to spend canada day.
although i didn't see any fireworks
i did sing the national anthem
i am getting so excited to be coming to Canada for a visit.

hope to see alot of you on that trip! 

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