Monday, July 19, 2010

all work no play

after flying through the night, spending a day in the airport, a night in vegas and another day of travel we landed in canada at midnight on tuesday night. 

since we came to vernon our feet have hit the ground running and we haven't stopped since.    we had the guys from dodd's auction coming on wednesday afternoon, so we spent the morning unloading the container and sorting through the things we wanted them to have.   we were thankful to have our host, george come and help us move the heavy furniture out. 

i spent most of my time sorting through and deciding what i wanted to go to the auction and what i wanted to ship to nova scotia.  we were told that the auction would take boxes and a variety of things so when they arrived there were boxes and furniture all over the yard.   we were a little disappointed when they told us that they couldn't take everything.   oh well.

now we are having a garage sale this morning.
it has been an interesting journey for me personally as i have looked through
all the kids artwork, and writings, as i have read cards and old letters 
my heart has been tugged in many directions.
of course i kept all those personal things as well as photos.
i kept our photo albums, photos, my journals, the kid's personal things,
some books and some china and dishes,
but the rest of the 'stuff' is going.

it leaves me with an interesting feeling

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