Monday, July 12, 2010

on the road again

yesterday afternoon we began our journey
from roatan to vernon bc
the skies were cloudy and the weather coolish for roatan
i had this incredible sadness sweep over me as we flew over 
our lovely island.

when did she steal my heart so?
not sure.
we flew to san pedro sula
through some of the most beautiful clouds ever!
doesn't that remind you of heaven??
it does to me.
apparently when we landed the pilot told us 
that another plane was stuck in the storm, 
circling, circling and circling

but we got in without incident.
thank You Lord...

our next flight was scheduled to leave
at 1:15 am and we really didn't want to hang around the airport
for 6 hours so bob found a guy who worked at the airport driving a 
shuttle van to take us to the mall so we could eat, wander around 
and go see a movie.

we went to see shrek.
it was in spanish with no subtitles.
i was encouraged how much i could understand.

we flew through the night and i am grateful for the sleep
we got on the plane but 2 hours wasn't quite enough
so once we landed in florida i found a quiet spot
on the floor and promptly fell asleep.

i was awoken by a mentally challenged guy who
woke me up by hitting his foot against mine
when i sat up groggily he said
'sorry i didn't mean to wake you!'
now i am normally really quite amiable when
i wake up but i looked at this total stranger and 
'yes you did!!'

so i am up now.
it looks like it is almost breakfast time
we have about 3 more hours here 
and then on to las vegas for the night
whooo hooo!
i will  keep you posted

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