Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting ready for school!

While we were in Florida we heard that one of Bev's friends was going on a cruise to Roatan so I called her to see if she had a tour booked.  She didn't.  So Bob called Marco (Zenola's husband) and arranged for him to take her and 15 others out on a tour.   When Grace got back to Florida she thanked us for setting her up with Marco and said that had a wonderful time.  She enjoyed touring the island, seeing the beauty but one thing that affected her was the poverty.  It is hard to take for sure.   She gave us a card of thanks and I was surprised to see a generous gift inside saying 'get something for the children on the island'

So.. yesterday that is what we did!   We decided to bless the children!
Bob and I went over to Zenola's to find out what the kid's need for school since it starts up again on Monday.  One thing I noticed here is that connections mean everything on the island!   We have established a connection with the guy who has a little food store across from the Made in Roatan shop.   I often send tourists  there to buy coffee or vanilla and he appreciates that.  So when Zenola told us he had books, pencils and pens we decided to go there first.   The books were 6 limpera each and when he heard what we were doing he gave them to us for 3 limpera.  Needless to say though, we almost bought every book in his store!!  So it was a good day for him!  :-) 

lots of shoes and school supplies

 Next, we set out to the mercado to see what we could find.  I am so grateful to Bob that he is really good at establishing 'deals'.   Instead of just buying one pair of shoes at a place we bought 10 pairs and they gave us a deal.  The kids need black shoes for school to go with their uniform.   I was a bit surprised at how expensive they were:  12.00 per pair.   I kept thinking about the kids whose parents can't afford that!!  What do they do?   They go to school anyways but they 'stand out' without the proper attire.  It isn't easy.

Later while Bob was bartering over shoes I sat outside this shop (due to a strong mold smell in the shop) and made friends with a little girl called Catherine.  We sat in the shade and talked for a good long time.  She had many questions and fortunately I was able to answer her in spanish.  My spanish is probably at about a grade 1 level.. very simple but I can get by that is for sure.   It was a wonderful little visit.  It was incredibly BUSY in the market yesterday.. everyone was out getting last minute supplies.

look at that little boy carrying his sister on his back in the middle of all that traffic!  crazy!

Later as we were leaving the mercado I saw Catherine again and she told me it was her mother's shop so we went in and met the mother.  After shaking hands, exchanging greetings, names we decided to buy the backpacks in her shop.  She also gave us a good deal.   Her daughter had told her we were 'missionarios' and her mother was really touched by what we were doing and also wanted to help out. People are sooo relational here.. it all that really matters.  It was wonderful.   God's blessing was all over that day!!   The interesting thing is that she didn`t know where Hottest Sparrow is.   Many people haven`t ever been out there.

We went back to Zenola's and she came out with us to Hottest Sparrow.   We decided that instead of us handing out everything and being the 'great white handout' that we would give the things to Serena, Zenola's cousin.  She is a fine Christian woman that we have enjoyed getting to know and trust.

 some images from Hottest Sparrow.  Notice that most of them were barefoot!
you can click on the photo and it will be larger
I probably should have got the boys to take some of the things out of the page for you to see
We got shoes, back packs, pens, pencils, crayons, books and sharpeners!!!

I know those kids will be delighted!

on the way home we saw this pig
 bacon anyone??!

When we got home we were tired but happy to have been able to help.   I had one last little surprise!
Yes it is real!!   How beautiful is that!   And fragrant!

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  1. Zenola is one of the nicest and interesting people my wife and i have ever met.