Monday, February 15, 2010

kids coming and going

It is hard to describe the excitement that mounts whenever we have company come to the island.   But make the company one of our kids and the anticipation is off the charts!   Yesterday we are all waiting and excited to have Emily here.   Bob went to the store and bought some red Valentine hearts to give to his 'little sweetie'.   We watched the clock, we waited.  Once at the airport I went outside to watch the plane come in.   It is nice to have a small enough airport to be able to do that.   Once I saw the plane land I kept thinking.. she is inside, she is inside!

I picked a lovely bouquet of bougainvillea to give Emily. Yes I got permission before I took them!!  :-)
We all stood there anxiously awaiting to see her again.   She had a very long journey to get here.   Victoria, to Seattle, to Miami where she spent the night (unfortunately the guy at the hotel wasn't answering the phone so she couldn't get a shuttle and ended up spending the night in the airport watching movies on her computer.   At 6:00 am she finally got ahold of them and managed to get a few hours sleep before leaving)

The sun was just about to set as we walked out of the airport.   I love watching the expression of people who step foot on the island.... there is a look that they get on their face that is beautiful.   The warmth of a long day is still in the air, the shadows are long, the colors are rich and I see them begin to soften.   Perhaps the best way to describe it is a visual 'sigh...'

We took Emily to Mamasita's for good island food.   It was wonderful to see the sunset over the hills of Flower's Bay, and listen to the chatter that families do when they haven't been together for a long time.   We laughed alot, talked alot, and enjoyed being together again. It was unanimous that we all miss Matt something awful though.

It has been bittersweet..  so sweet...anticipating Emily and greeting her yet bitter that today was David's last day on the island.   We made the most of it though.

   David and I had a nice early morning beach walk, then Emily, David and Bob went to Coxen Hole wandering around, then to went Turquoise Bay for lunch and then the dreaded trip to the airport.
David and I sat on the chairs at Turquoise Bay looking out at this
and said our goodbye and expressed our gratitude for the time together

me, emily and david at the View

Bittersweet.   I am sooo glad for the time we had with David and for the time ahead with Emily!

sometimes it seems like love is fleeting and moving away too fast
but i know it remains.
no matter where they go
love follows them.

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