Sunday, February 21, 2010

a beach walk with emily

since we are on an island, it goes without saying that we have many different beaches here. 
i love exploring and finding them.
  they are all different, depending on where you live on the island.  
some are pristine white sand beaches, and well groomed.  (tourist resorts).
  some are littered with garbage and unkept completely, 
some have mangroves, 
but lawson rock is one of my favorites.

emily photographing a little palm that was growing amongst the rocks

lawson rock reminds me of being in nova scotia
when the tide is low you can walk out among the rocks 
there are live sea urchins with their long spines hiding along the rocks
you will see many snails there,
beautiful black and white stripped.

but what i love the most is that it is littered
with many many many
tiny little seashells.

i only know of 2 other beaches that have shells.
that is because most of the island is surrounded with the coral reef
but there must be big gaps in the reef that allow the shells to come
to shore.

we walk
we talked
we searched for tiny sea urchins 
and found some.
a photo from a previous trip to lawson rock.. wanted you to see the urchins

as you can see by the clouds
they had rain in them
we had to take refuge under a big almond tree
once when the rain fell heavy.

it was a lovely afternoon walk.

you can see the dog demon off in the distance

some of you know i am a dog lover
they don't scare me.
as we were walking i saw this lady off in the distance
walking two dogs.
one dog came running towards me
so i called it over,
reached out my hand so it could smell it
then gently petted his head.
he was happy.

the owner came running over 
and said,
wow demon doesn't usually like people.
then i realized...
oh my goodness that is demon!!
one of the fiercest dogs on the island.
 he has bit many people and the police made them put up a fence around 
their property.

suddenly guess what happened??
i started to feel nervous.
isn't that crazy.
i wasn't afraid until i realized who he was.

fear is like that.
someone once said that fear is:

when i didn't know it was a mean dog i wasn't afraid
but once i knew I suddenly got very afraid and nervous.

the reality is most likely that
demon senses people's fear and reacts to that.
most of our fear is preconceived or imagined isn't it?

have a fear free day!

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