Saturday, December 27, 2014

Senior's Christmas Luncheon

Today was a day of joy amongst the elderly of this island.  It was a beautiful time for them to get dressed up in the best they have, visit with friends, and be able to have a nice Christmas meal together. It was hosted by Good Samaritans group in Coxen Hole with the generous help of the Rotary.  One of the highlights for me as a photographer is that it allows me to get up close and personal with people.  I had so many wonderful visits today.  Many of these ladies have been in Bible Studies with me, or they go to our church or I have sat upon their porches.  It was such a beautiful afternoon of sharing the good things He is doing in their lives.

   Over and over I heard them proclaim, God is good!!  It was such a blessing for me to be able to hug them, listen to them and love on them today.  It was beautiful to listen to them sing Christmas carols.. some of them actually worshiping with eyes closed and hands raised.   I enjoyed the island songs and since we have been attending an island church for the past 6 years it was fun to sing right along with them.

Many of these beautiful people are living in conditions that are implorable and yet they exude gratitude for what they have.  I would so love to see a Senior's Home built on this island!  It is so needed!!   God knows!  Who knows what He will do in the future??  Nothing is too difficult for Him!

Another incredible blessing to me personally was the main piano player and singer used to be a drug addict on the street.  I had spent many many hours talking with him, sharing with him about Christ and His power to break any addiction, encouraging him to return to the Lord.  Well praise God, he did return!! It was really awesome to hear him sing, "I am drinking from my saucer because my cup overflowed!!"  I love how the Lord not only restored us, but uses us!  And I know He used that young man today!

I came home with my heart full of JOY at being able to spend time with these dear people.   If you connect with anyone in the following photos could you please pray for them.   There isn't old age pension here and many of them have daily needs.   Thanks for loving them like we do!

Blessings to you in the new year!


Lord bless these beautiful people... they are closer to heaven then we are.  Please provide for them in every way!  


  1. Such a heart felt tribute Debi.

  2. Stunning photos of some of our favorite people on the Island....