Thursday, October 30, 2014

Good News!

We have some very good news for you!  After 6 years of being 'independent' missionaries we decided to partner up with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM).  We are very excited to be working together under the umbrella of this awesome Mission organization.

 Presently the EFCCM is involved in over 21 different countries, has over 100 full time missionaries, 6 directors and 10 home staff.  It will be thrilling to see all the good things He does as we work together! 
 Their ethos is simple.
  In essentials:  unity;
in non-essentials: charity, and in all things Jesus Christ!

We enjoyed a 4 day orientation  in Langley, BC.  The EFCCM hold interviews for Career missionary candidates twice a year. We were happy that we were able to attend this "pre-acceptance orientation" which gave us a plethora of information about EFCC, the EFCCM, and other topics regarding cross-cultural life overseas. Some of the topics included EFCC doctrine, becoming a career missionary, communications, support team building and cultural transition survival training.

 We are happy to say that when they accepted us as Career Missionaries we said: YES!

Group photo: Mission director, staff and fellow missionaries

 We were so thrilled  that during our stay in Langley we were able to stay with our friends Alice and Brian Barnes.  It was great to reconnect with them again!  It was also wonderful to spend a few days visiting my sister Bonnie and her husband Tom in Surrey, BC.  It's great to connect with family and friends!

We were given the opportunity to share at our home church, Grace Bible Church in Vernon BC. This was the last church we pastored before going out on the Mission field and we are so deeply grateful for their support in our ministry both financially and prayerfully!  It was wonderful to share about our ministry and see so many people we know and love!  (and... I got to visit with my sister Kathy as well!)
Grace Bible Church, Vernon B.C.

 We were also able to set up a "Made in Roatan" table at Kelowna Gospel Fellowship and the sales from that definitely will  help the poor on the island of Roatan.

Made in Roatan sale at Kelowna Gospel Fellowship
We had an evening at the home of Julie and Mark Kent and were able to share more extensively about the great things that have been happening in Roatan.   It was wonderful to visit with several families who have served on the Island. Jake shared a story that evening with tears in his eyes about his experience on the island.   He and his wife  had come on a cruise ship and we arranged for a local islander to take them on a tour.   They had a wonderful day exploring the 'real Roatan' and hearing many interesting stories about life on the island.   We met them at "Muddah's Kitchen" restaurant for lunch and the thing that impressed Jake the most was how intertwined we were with so many island people.  As he was returning to the port, he asked Bob if there was anything he could do!!  He was touched by the poverty and yet those same impoverished people were so happy and caring!   He wanted to help!

Jake is in the back row in the white tshirt.  Zenola is sitting in front of him
 Bob mentioned that our friend Zenola needed an operation but since there is no health coverage she couldn't afford it.   Jake went back to his small group in Canada with this need weighing on his heart.  Within less then a week they had raised the funds for her surgery!!   We all sat in the dimly lit room and were moved as he shared that he was a changed man because of that one act of love.  

That is what we are excited to be doing: changing the impoverished by the message of Christ and giving them hope.   We love to change the view of the tourists to see beyond themselves to help someone else in need.  It is simple: others!   Imagine if we all put into practice Phil 2 "do not merely look out for our own personal interests but also for the interests of others".

Perhaps you'd like to get involved!  You can!    :-) We are interested in expanding "Team Roatan"!
We need and value prayer support.We also need financial help to continue to do His work. Presently we need approximately $750 a month more.  Anything you can give would be so deeply appreciated!!
You can now be tax receipted by giving through the EFCCM!
It is as simple as making a call to the phone number on our prayer card, mention our #2-2046 and they will help you set things up!

We have 2 more days before we return to the island of Roatan.   We are so happy to have been able to spend quality time with our Texas and Oklahoma friends/partners in ministry and now we are using these final days to get caught up on correspondence, brush up on Spanish, print out prayer cards, do some very necessary shopping and basically enjoy some R & R before returning to the field.

Please pray for a smooth adjustment as we return to Roatan
Pray for our artist families' encouragement, spiritual growth and provision
Pray specifically for Pedro that he would surrender to the Lord
Pray for our kids in Canada as they navigate life without us near.

Spending of funds is confined to organization approved programs and projects. Each restricted contribution designated towards an organization approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that, when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the organization, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such program or project will be used where needed most.


  1. Love you Debi and will miss my OklahomaDebi coming up on my call display.

  2. Congratulations Bob and Debbie….Rob and Ellie Bethune

  3. Blssings to you. We Travel to Roatan in several days. Do the artists have a storefront we can visit and purchase their goods? Googled local artists in Roatan and found your site. Love what you are doing.