Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mil Gracias!!

This is a small presentation of the people we stayed or visited with during our 5 months in Canada and the States.  There are many people who are not in this photo but we love you and thank God for you just the same!!

  •  Thanks for sharing your lives and your hurts with us! 
  •  Thanks for letting us sleep in your beds (13 different beds in total)
  •  Thanks for listening to our endless stories about Roatan
  •  Thanks for many delicious meals
  •  Thanks for driving long distances to visit us
  •  Thanks for letting us drive your cars
  •  Thanks for taking us sailing
  •  Thanks for having coffee together
  •  Thanks for wool socks when our feet were freezing in Canada
  •  Thanks for taking us shopping
  •  Thanks for meaningful times of prayer together
  •  Thanks for breakfasts together
  •  Thanks for day trips exploring either Canada, Texas or Oklahoma
  •  Thanks for going for walks with us
  •  Thanks for your financial support
  •  Thanks for believing that He will continue to use us in Roatan!

  • You have made our time here very special and we are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who love us, support us and encourage us to continue to serve Him well.  Blessings!!

    I thank my God every time I remember you!!!
    Phil 1:3

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