Monday, December 29, 2014

Pedro's Accident

This morning Bob and I sat on the porch and discussed our day before praying together.  Bob had planned to get a float from the bank for Made in Roatan and visit with a few families to encourage them.   I had planned on staying home to do some much needed laundry and to also put some things online for the Made in Roatan store.

I was surprised to get a call from Bob not long after saying that Pedro was in the hospital!  He had borrowed a motorcycle from the fire station (where he volunteers) to go and get some food.   As he was going around a corner a car swerved into his lane and hit him.  He lost control and hit a telephone pole. The driver of the car didn't even stay around to see if he was okay.  Some firefighter friends in Punta Gorda were able to put him in the back of a truck and keep him alive on the way to the Hospital.

Bob happened to be at the shop when Pedro's sister showed up for help. They didn't have money for xrays so Bob went back to the Hospital with them.  Pedro was unconscious in emerg and needed 7 xrays. After Bob paid the fee he and a friend had to find a wheeled bed, lift him on it while he screamed, and wheel him to the other side of the hospital to the xray room. The man there said he would leave, and return when we had undressed him."  Welcome to the third world folks!!  It was heart wrenching for Bob!   The xrays confirmed a broken wrist and also 2 fractured ribs and some serious swelling on the back of his head. The hospital is very low on medicine and so Bob had to run to a local pharmacy to get the IV bags and cast materials (since by this time his car was blocked into the crowded parking area!).  All in a day of loving...all in a day of serving...

Bob was also able to hold Pedro's arm up by the fingers while a nurse put a 'make shift' cast on his wrist until the doctor could come at set it and cast it properly.  When I got to the hospital Pedro was in and out of consciousness. I immediately moved in close to his face, and began to pour out my heart in prayer for him.   Many people think that Made in Roatan is a business but that is the furthest from the truth. It is a group of people who the Lord has brought into our lives to love, to share Him and to support.

At our Christmas party, Pedro saw a photo of Bob and I and he said, "My other Mom, my other Dad"  It's true.  We are family.  So to see him laying there so helpless was very difficult and yet I can't thank the Lord enough for His presence and the peace He gives us.

Earlier in the day I was sitting out on our deck and I had read Psalm 89:15 which says,
"Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim Him,
Who walk in the light of His presence"

Acclaim:  to shout praise or applause.   Like a shout of victory.
So in the midst of this tragedy I found myself acclaiming Him at 
different points of the day:

"You are able to do even more then we can ask or imagine
Nothing is too difficult for You
You alone can heal
You are able
You are good
You are.. You are... You are...our God!!!!"

It was recommended to send Pedro to the Mainland to the city of La Ceiba to see a neurologist and to have a CAT scan done, due to some swelling on his head.   We were uncertain as to whether this would be best for him but we managed to contact another local doctor for confirmation  and he agreed that when it comes to head injuries it is best to confirm the extent of the damage.

Please pray for Pedro for the swelling to go down and that there wouldn't be any lasting damage to his brain.

We were able to go to a second hand store across the street and buy him a tshirt and jeans.  (since his were destroyed in the accident) As his sister and I were dressing him I said, Hey mi amor, you now have new clothes to wear, how's that?"  He smiled weakly.  That was a good sign to see him still having a sense of humour during a very difficult time for him. 

The firefighters came and transported Pedro to the ferry.  His aunt was also able to travel with him.  
We are thankful for the many people who helped us at the hospital, and to those who are standing with us in prayer ... as well as helping financially with this need.

Words fail me to communicate how wonderful it is to reach out in our times of tragedy and to experience support from all across the globe.   At the end of this day I am still acclaiming Him:
He is near!  He is our peace.  He is closer then a brother.

Pray that He will be real to Pedro: near and close to him in the hospital.  We are praying that Pedro would surrender his dear life into the hands of our loving Father.
Thanks so much for all your support.  We can't do what we do without your love and prayers behind us. 
Mil Gracias!!!

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  1. Oh Debi this brought me to tears. In our everyday world we take so much for granted. I sit here and try to imagine what Bob had to go thru, the anguish of listening to Pedro's screams, having to run to the farmacia for supplies, things that wouldn't even enter our minds. Give Bob a big hug for me. I will continue to pray for all of you. All my love Bonnie