Monday, December 5, 2011


We were so honoured to be asked to be Padrinos (godparents) for Angela's graduation.  We first met this family last year in February when Zenola told us that the Mother, Elizabeth wasn't able to put her kids in school.  Bob jumped in the car and by the end of the day the 4 kids were outfitted with uniforms, backpacks and school supplies.

You might be wondering what it means to be padrinos:  it means that when they walk down the aisle the parents or padrinos walk down the aisle with the graduating student.  It is a wonderful idea!   I called Zenola to get all the 'lowdown' and she told me:  you gots ta dress up, and you gots to bring a present for Angela.  I said, So when do I give her the present?   Later?   She told me to walk down the aisle with the present, get your photo taken and then give her the gift.   Good to know!!!  

We only did one bad thing:   we forgot to get out of the way for the principal to give her the diploma so he kinda reached past Bob.  We were the first to come out and no one told us to move! The rest of the people were held back and told not to go up with the principal but no one told us.   I guess they thought, oh... those gringos!!!!   Too funny!

I am happy to say that Angela graduated with high honours in her class:  98%

We are so proud of her!   And we know that God has good things in store for this family!
Thanks for praying for them.

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