Thursday, November 10, 2011

Renewed Vision

I saw this sign while driving to French Harbour on our way to church.
Do you ever wish for a sign that says:
Go this way!
  Turn Here!
Go Right!
He leads me beside still waters
Sometimes His direction is clear and other times it isn't.
But I have come to know that through it all He is there to help, to guide, to teach
and to strengthen.
One day in early October I was waiting for Bob at Infinity Bay while he had a meeting.
I was standing looking at the beautiful sea, and I was talking to Jesus.
Jesus works there.  Oh not the Jesus in heaven but the man who lives in the Colonia
and who is trying to learn English.
We were having a wonderful chat together when another man began asking
me about my life here, what I did etc and within a very short time had offered
me a JOB!
At first I laughed and thought he was joking but he was serious.
He asked me to be the Activities Director at Mayan Princess Resort.
At first I said, No because I didn't have time for that with all the ministry opportunities here.
  I went home, prayed about, talked with some mentors about it 
and decided to try it.
After all.. how bad could it be ... working on the beach, talking to tourists all day 
about how much I love the island and selling them tours.
But here is the catch:  I love people, I love the island, but I don't love selling!
Plus I found that after working I didn't have any energy to visit with people,
I didn't want to talk to another person at the Made in Roatan shop because I had just 
'sold all day' prior.  
(I would work for 9-2 then go to the shop from 2-4)

I was torn up inside because I felt that I didn't have energy for what I 
had a passion about:  helping people practically and spiritually.

One day I was crying (literally) out to the Lord for direction
and while I was reading John 4 this verse literally jumped out at me:

"My food", Jesus said, "is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work"

My heart clamped down, my tears fell, my spirit agreed:
Yes... I was called to do His will and I need to finish it.
He didn't call me to work at a resort.

Now you might be wondering WHY would I do it in the first place.
Well we have been having some problems with our investment and instead of
living off the interest as we had been, we have been
eating away at our principal.   Every month we lose more and more money, so I thought
I could help out in this way.

But it is not possible. 
I am thankful for the experience because, not only did I 
get to meet some awesome people who work at the resort
(Avi, Grace, Sophia, Orlando, Ivis, Maria,Charley, Sandra, LoLo, Jorge... to name a few)
but it confirmed to me what I amreally ALL about: 
I am about the Father's business!!

This painting was given to me as a gift:  it reminds me of my island people!

I believe He will take care of us financially!
He has in the past and He will now.
It also renewed my passion and my desire to do His will.

Renewed vision is worth a million dollars in my books!
Thanks to those of you who practically helped me through this 
with prayers, advise and council.

Please pray for us that we will continue to 
do HIS will and finish HIS work.

Love you all

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