Wednesday, February 2, 2011

back to school!

The rainy season is almost behind us which means that soon the kids will be back in school.  The shops in the market are laden with neat rows of black shoes, colorful backpacks waving in the breeze, and stacks and stacks of workbooks and school supplies are piled up on the tables outside the shops.

I guess it would be equivileant to 'back to school' specials that we are used to seeing in canada, but the problem is that they aren't on sale.   I am amazed at what it cost to 'outfit' a child here. I am not sure how the people manage because they live so 'hand to mouth' here but as the week approaches for school to start I  am seeing more and more parents walking through town carrying large bags of school supplies for their children.  I also know that many of the kids won't go to school next week because the parents can't afford it!
Mr. Bob with a happy little girl

We are grateful for those of you who helped out at Christmas with the food drive.  We were able to help many families with food and now we are also able to help the kids get their back to school supplies.  We can't thank you enough for your support!!!

Bob, Miss Joan sorting shoes in sizes!

We always love the way the Lord leads us!  He is so good!   About a month ago, we went to the opening for the sandy bay library and while we were milling around we were happy to meet Miss Joan, the librarian in French Harbour.
this photo doesn't capture the JOY that Miss Joan felt!

She had mentioned to us that she has many poor children who hang around the library and they spent time reading with them and helping them get ready for school. but she was worried because so many of them were so poor that she didn't even know if they'd be able to go to school.   we asked her to give us a list of the kids that she was concerned about and their shoe sizes.  she was so shocked at our generosity and we quickly let her know that it wasn't our money but it was from the generosity of our friends from Canada felt called by the Lord to give.  So really it is a gift from HIM!   she was so grateful and overwhelmed.  as we were walking away, bob said to her, "oh and miss joan, you can make a LONG list too!"  it is one thing to be able to help, it is another thing all together to be able to 'really help'!!  she was so blessed and kept saying, thank you for coming to our island and being willing to help us.  we thank God for people like yourselves.

So she sent us the list of sizes and we went to work organizing the shoes between sizes and boys and girls.   we took all the shoes to the library and sorts them there.  it was a big job but we were glad for the help from the young people who were hanging around the library.

We went to the market last week to price out black shoes and we were surprised that no one was willing to give us a deal.  the shoes sell for about 10 - 12 dollars each and the lowest people would go was around 10 dollars a pair.  i am again so thankful that Nidia came to our aid because she knew a spanish man who had a small shop and was willing to work out a deal for us.  bob bought 100 pairs of shoes and got them for around 8.60 each.

On Monday we returned again to the library in French Harbour with Katheryne, who is here from Canada helping us for 2 months (along with her husband Paul and their beautiful children Samuel and Isabel).  our son David, arrived on the plane on Monday as well and he was willing to come and photograph for us.  it was a nice change for me to not have to take the pictures!

Katheryne with the kids in French Harbour

The kids were so happy to recieve their shoes for school.  Bob was able to share with them that God cares about them, and this was a gift from Him from our friends in Canada.   It was like Christmas morning in that little library!!

just SOME of the kids who got shoes!!  Praise GOD!

We are also helping get Carlos and Kendy into school.  They are  very excited!!  I had told Carlos along time ago that we would help him.  He is so smart .. it would be a shame for him to not finish his schooling.  He is going to work here during the day and go to school at night.  Please pray for endurance for him.

Last week I had Kendy come to the house to help me clean and I asked her about school and she said, no she couldn't go because her dad isn't working and they didn't have money for that.  My heart almost broke just talking to her.  Later on I spoke with Bob and we decided to help her our of our own funds. It is so important for them to finish their schooling but many of them just can't because they don't have the money available.   We are trying to teach people to 'save a little' but it is hard for them to grasp that concept.

This week is matricula (registation) so today we are taking Kendy with us in the car to get her registered in school in Coxen Hole, and then get her uniform, shoes and school supplies.  I better go get ready as she will be here soon.

Kendy outside her new school!   She is so excited!

Kendy's school

Thanks again for your help, your prayers and your support!  It is making a difference!!!

  If you want to help a child go to school please let me know.  My neighbor's kids aren't in school because they can't afford it and I would love to see those kids in school.  Just email me okay.


  1. Makes my heart swell to think of the joy you bring

    all my love
    xx Bonnie xx

  2. amen debi and bob!! what a blessing. being used by the Lord is awesome <3 in Him, ron and jamie

  3. I would like to help, how can I get in touch with you?