Thursday, June 17, 2010

what do to on a hot day?

note to self:

if we ever build a house in the caribbean do NOT have the whole wall of windows 
because the afternoon sun glares in and the house becomes an oven!


so needless to say i was thrilled when bob suggested
we go to the hungry kiwi restaurant for a cold drink
and to play some crib.
do you know what makes that such a delightful idea??!

they have air conditioning!
i can count on one hand the number of restaurants here that 
have a/c 
most are open air places by the sea
lovely but as hot as our house.

so we went and had a wonderfully, cool time together.
even were able to watch some of the 
fifa game
mexico vs france
 we went for a little walk behind the restaurant
along the shores of lawson rock.
it is hard to tell from the photo but that wall by the tree
is all made of rock.
it is one of my favorite places to walk.. 
especially later in the day when the sun isn't so high 
in the sky.

thursday is a special day on the island
it is 'fresh fish' day at the flying fish store
so we headed over there to get some fish

those are our red snappers that they filleted
for us.
how is that for fresh??!
we had it for dinner and it was sooo delicious.
fresh fish is different.
at first it actually took some getting used to because
fresh fish has a 'melt in your mouth' kind of quality to it
it isn't rubbery or tough.

we also picked up a hogfish filet.
we often see hogfish while snorkeling and they are kinda scary looking
but i have heard they taste good.
i sure hope so. 

they have quite the operation over at flying fish
we saw about 15 people who are employed there.
most of the fish is exported to miami.
you can see the lady in white is filling up the boxes
and they will be shipped out.
they go about 300 miles away along the banks of honduras
to get the fish.
we are glad they do.

the fish isn't cheap
but it is worth it to have it fresh i think.
yes indeed!

the bougainvillea that carlos planted 
bloomed today

another moment of joy for me

i hope you had moments of joy that snuck up on 
you as if He was saying,
"how do you like that, my child?"

i do,
i like it alot.

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