Wednesday, June 16, 2010

futbol early in the morn

 good morning..
i changed the look of my blog.
not sure if i like it or not but i will try it.

the world cup game was on at 5:30 this morning.. 
we invited carlos and his brother junior to join us to watch it together
they showed up at 5:00, standing at the door saying, 
Buenos dias, Mr. Bob.
they were pretty excited and there was alot of cheering going on

you can see bob got into it wearing his honduran shirt and hat!!
it was rather a disappointing game.
  unfortunately honduras wasn't able to make a goal and chili won.

buddy even got into the spirit and was chirping loudly during the game!!

oh well, it is good to get together
 i fed the boys breakfast.
i think it was the first time junior had cereal.
he liked it.
i was willing to make them baleada's but i think it 
was a novelty to eat something different.

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