Saturday, May 15, 2010

 went for a beach walk first thing... another glorious day!!

Yesterday was a cruise ship day in Coxen Hole so that means that the "Made in Roatan" shop is open for business!!  Usually Bob goes in the morning and then we trade off and I take the afternoon shift but yesterday I suggested we go together for the whole day.  It works alot better because Bob invites people in the shop and I am able to talk with them and sell stuff.   It was a good day!   Tiring but good.  No not tiring: exhausting!!   I don't mind talking (some of you are thinking that is an understatement!) but saying the same thing over and over and over is very tiring.   But it is worth it because people catch the vision of how we are trying to help the people here and they are more inclined to want to buy something as a means of supporting and helping the islanders.

Our friends Jeanette and Don have their daughter and son in law visiting and they were looking to buy a hammock chair and so they asked me to help them find a good deal.  I went through the shops at the market before they arrived trying to wangle a deal!!   It was funny because one lady told me to go find Tio.  I asked where he was and she said.. just down that road..  (typical island instructions!) but the problem was I didn't see a road anywhere nearby the market!!  She finally pointed to a 'path'... a narrow dusty path and said, "Go down there and holler for Tio.. he has hammocks back there!"   Okay I thought, no harm in trying right?   I walked down the road/path and saw small wooden homes with ladies out washing or hanging clothes, kids playing, dogs half starved, garbage everywhere, but  no sign of a shop.  But I do what I am told:  TIO!!   TIO!!   And sure enough a little spanish fellow comes out of his 'shop/house'   Unfortunately no hammock chair!   I decided to go visit another guy I know who works in the market and he took me to a Nicaraguan lady who sold hammocks.   She offered me a very very good price for a hammock.  In fact, I was shocked at how low it was!  The reason was because he told her I was his friend and so I got the 'friend price!'   Rachel was happy, of course with this, and mission was accomplished!   Here on the island..  as in many places.. it is all who you know!!  :-)

I was glad to be able to help.

 i love mimosa~~

We left the shop around 4:00, feeling hot, and tired and needing a wee siesta.   Just as we left I ran into Ingrid, who is a friend who sells in the cruise ship market and she told me she made 5.00 all day!!  My goodness.   That is hardly worth it.  It made me grateful for the 150.00 we made for our island friends yesterday.   I have to admit every time we open that shop we pray that God would bring people to us who catch the vision and are feeling generous.  Well He does answer prayer alright!!

Friday night is pizza night at the Cowans..  It has been for many many years and last night was no exception.  We like to go to Pizza Inn.  It is a definitely an island hang out.  You don't see too many gringos in there but because we go weekly we are getting to know the people work there as well as see alot of our island friends there.   As we walked in I saw a spanish lady that I recognized from somewhere and greeted her.   She was very excited to see me and we ended up chatting for the whole time we were there (about an hour).  The amazing part was that it was all in spanish!!  I am grateful for how that language is finally 'sticking to me'.   Little by little!   As it turned out, Louisa is a teacher at the collage and she was sure I had been in the school that morning. I guess there is another gringo who looks like me on the island.. or maybe we look that same to them!!  :-)    So she thought she knew me and I thought I knew her but the truth is it was the first time we ever met!  She wants to meet me next week and continue to practice Spanish.  This actually could be an answer to prayer because I have been wanting to take Spanish lessons.   She also wants to practice her English.   A good fit I'd say!   We exchanged phone numbers and I can't wait to see her again.

Today looks like another glorious day in paradise.   We are going to take it easy today.  Hoping to go for a massage since my neck and upper back are really bothering me.   But truthfully you never how things will unfold here on the island.. all I know is I am looking to another day!

I hope you have a good weekend too!

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  1. Have a great day Debi - sunny and warm here. Looking for something to wash so I can hang it out on the line :)... love the look of clothes neatly blowing in the breeze and the wonderful outdoor smell after.

    loves ya
    xx B xx