Monday, March 8, 2010

baby shower

after my surgery i needed help
and maria came to the house
to clean, sweep, wash windows and floors without
a murmur and with such a sweet spirit.

over the months i have grown very fond of maria.
as her time to deliver drew near i knew that i should
bless her with a baby shower

it was a wonderful evening together.
i encouraged maria to invite her friends to make the evening more special
i was glad that she took me up on it.
we had a house full!
i have to say this about the spanish:
they are sooo enthusiastic, and outgoing.
i had planned some baby games and they had so much fun 
unscrambling words,
and playing a memory game.
i had prizes for the winners and you'd think
they had won the lottery instead of body wash!
their gratitude for small things is so infectious.

 when it was time for maria to open the gifts they all began
chanting in spanish:
open, open open you presents!!!
i thought wow i haven't ever been to a shower like that before!
chanting, clapping, cheering!!

maria didn't stop smiling throughout the whole evening.
she is typically very shy and soft spoken.

i was so proud of her when she thanked us all and testified to the Lord's presence
and help in her life.
she has been a believer for about a half a year 
and i have seen her grow so much.
we had a wonderful time of prayer together,
so powerful.
such a blessed night all in all!

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  1. It was truly a blessed night! It was so much fun to be a part of that celebration.