Sunday, May 22, 2016

Senior's Luncheon

This year the luncheon for the Senior's was at Turquoise Bay Resort.  We arrived early and helped put cellophane on the food baskets that were gifts to the oldest person in various communities across this fine island.   There were tents set up on the beach and so we wiped tables and chairs and waited for the Seniors to start to come.
Beautiful Turquoise Bay

This is such a highlight for many of them!  Not only do they get to visit with island friends across the island and even those from St. Helene but they also get to enjoy good island gospel music, eat a wonderful meal, delicious cake and get various gifts.
Sister love

Ursela was our wonderful singer and she can sing and eat her cake too!
Some ladies in the States donated blankets.  How thoughtful!

WOW!  That is one big cake!!!

Bob 'manned' the eyeglass table for awhile.  Someone had donated various reading glasses and it made me realize that that is a huge need on this island!!  One lady in particular was so excited and declared, "Now I can read my Bible again!!"

Reina was so happy with her glasses

My job was to take photos and to visit.  I think I truly had the best job ever!!!  Since we travel all over the island I am blessed to know many of them.  I was going to the car to get my water when I saw Auntie Clara drive up.  Oh joy!!  She is 100 years old now and is unable to walk so I told the driver to drive on the beach and drop her off right by the tents.  Auntie Clara can't see but she can hear very well and when I got in and greeted her with a hug and kiss she exclaimed, Is that you Miss Debi?!  My Mommy!!!  Where is my Daddy Bob???"   I told her that Bob was here and he would help her from the car.   I am not sure why she calls us Mommy and Daddy but she has done that for quite awhile.   Mama and Poppa is a sign of respect... but Mommy and Daddy???  Not sure.  Either way, it is always good to see her.  We put her in a wheel chair and found a nice spot in the shade and in the breeze.  She was happy to sit with Miss Catherine.
Auntie Clara enjoying a chat with Daddy Bob

I got lots of hugs and kisses I tell you!!  I also enjoyed singing along to the old time gospel songs that Ursela sang.  Everyone sang and I think if they could have, they would have danced too.

Each community was represented by the oldest person coming forward, giving a little speech in either English or Spanish and receiving a basket full of food.

This is one of the oldest men on the island

These ladies were ladies to give thanks and receive their food basket
It was such a blessed afternoon!!!

I met a new friend: Miss Gloria from Oakridge.  I can't explain how the connection happens but when it does it is strong and real.  I sat with her for a long time listening to her story about her life here on the island as well as her life in the states.  She listened to my story and was so happy that the Lord called us to serve her people.  Over and over and over there could be heard the refrains of "Thank You Lord"  "Praise God"  "Hallelujah"  It was a song that graced all our conversations.  At the end of the day I realized I didn't have a photo of her and I was disappointed about that.  But who do I see as I am walking to our car??  Miss Gloria standing there waiting for the taxi to take her back to Oakridge.  She was delighted to see me one more time and when I asked if Bob could take our photo she nestled in cheek to cheek.  As I was leaving she told me to come see her.  She said, "I live by the clinic in a small yellow house, just tell people that you are looking for Tia Gloria"  I will!!!  I can't wait in fact....
Friendship defies age....

These  people in 'the third stage of life' as they say here, are full of wonderful stories, long lasting faith and a legacy of enduring through the hardest of times.  I am so thankful to Nidia for helping this up and  having the vision to "love on" the elderly, for those who made donations and those who volunteered to make this event happen.
The wonderful Nidia making one old guy happy!!  :-)

So thankful for Live Again Ministries support and help!
Nothing like being escorted in by a fine young gentleman!

There isn't a seniors home here so it is wonderful to gather them once a year to spoil them rotten.
Want to build a senior's home???   It's a dream of mine.  Too big you say?  Never for our God!!   They deserve that and soooo much more!!!

The lovely Miss Catherine and Deb

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