Monday, August 24, 2015

A miraculous trip home

I told two people that I wanted to see the kids this summer.  I told Bob.  He gave me that look that says, "Impossible Debi"  I also told Jesus and He gave me that look that says "No problem"  I kept praying.  I didn't tell anyone else but in my heart of hearts I believed that I would get home... somehow.

I heard from a friend in Canada saying that her daughter was getting married and she needed a photographer.  Ha!  I could do that.   When?  In the summer!  Where?  In the same city where our kids live.   Miraculous!!  Amazing!!!  Can you believe it? They paid my flight.  I took photos of a wedding.  What a great exchange!!

It worked out beautifully ... well .. except for the fact that Bob had to stay home since we both couldn't afford to go.  But the impossible was made possible:  I got to spend time with my kids!!!

Don't lose heart.  Ever.  Keep praying!

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