Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The sound I love the most!

There are certain sounds that move us and evoke all sorts of emotions.   I have been thinking about that lately. I am intrigued at how a sound can bring back a memory.

 The beautiful sound of a newborn first cry... it is so raw, so new and so fulfilling.   I cherish the sound of "honey I'm home!" or the sound of kids saying, "Mom can I have a snack?!" Or the sound of feet crunching on snow looking for Christmas tree.   I love the sound of a loon's lonely cry at the lake. It makes me grateful for family nearby.  I love the sound of palms rustling or the roar of the sea. crashing against rocks!  I love the sound of my feet walking on dry autumn leaves. It reminds me that change is inevitable.  I love the sound of a crackling fire.  It soothes me and lulls me.

  I thoroughly enjoy the sound of laughter!!   It can be the belly laugh from someone in my family or even the sound of a stranger laughing in a crowd.  It makes me smile! Or the sound of a baby laughing... my word that is so precious!!! And oh  how   I love the sound of a love-whisper in my ear... it can stir my heart to tears.

But my favorite sound of all:

I love love love the sound of soft crinkling pages when I open my Bible.  

Truly.  Over the years I have heard that sound and each time I am reminded of how faithful, how good, how wonderful He is to me.  The other day I was sitting on the deck and as I turned the page I thought,
Oh my how I love that sound!!

I wasn't always a bible reader.  Nope.  I wasn't raised up believing and seeking the face of God.  But for the past 30 years I have made it a practice to daily read His Word.  But lately it has become more and more and more central for me and I am astounded of  how intimate He has become to me.  The Bible brings life to me. I am grateful for the way His Word speaks to me and each time I turn the page I marvel at how specific He is to me.  If you haven't read the Bible in awhile then I encourage you to read it with an open heart because it is a love letter.

                                                     It is the sound of the faithful One....
It is the sound of love divine.  
It is the sound of freedom. 
 It is the sound of quiet comfort. 
 It is the sound of His voice.

even our dog Sandy loved to read the Bible!!

What is your favorite sound?

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