Thursday, November 28, 2013

David's song

There is nothing that brings me more joy then when I hear that my kids are continuing to grow in their faith.  Whether is it through a song about sharing His light, or an answer to prayer, or when He speaks to them from His word:  these are things that make my mama heart glad!   As a missionary I would say the hardest part is not being close to the kids.  It is a huge sacrifice and I thank them for letting us follow Him across the sea.  You can read about it here.   I so miss them!!!!

This morning while I was perusing facebook I saw a song that our son David had posted. I am always thrilled when they post something because it is like a 'visit'with him.  He wrote the song and he was  looking for singers for the chorus.  You can have a listen to david singing here. For real, go to the link.. it is a great song!!!  And I am not just saying that cos I am his mama!!!  :-)  I suggested he get some islanders to help him sing the chorus when they come for Christmas.   (ya super good news... the kids are coming to Roatan for Christmas.  I am overjoyed!!!!!!)

Here is the lyrics to the song Chances

I always felt misunderstood, like fear was holding me
Oh my God I am not at my best living with this disease
but then You came into my life when I thought You were out of touch
how could You understand me like that unless it was really love
cos You came You came and You took a chance on me
I  do  believe I wouldn't be here if I hadn't got on my knees
There is no degree of all the ways You have set me free
I wasn't at ease until You rescued me

There is a lily its in the valley bright as the morning star
Oh there is a lily it's in the valley bright as the morning star
I found joy, it's in the valley bright as the morning star!!
amen amen amen!!!
Oh I found peace, its in the valley bright as the morning star
Ohhh i found peace it's in valley bright as the morning star
I found Jesus, and  He's in the valley bright as the morning star
Amen amen amen!!!

And You came, yes You came and You took a chance on me
I do believe I wouldn't be here if I hadn't got on my knees
There's no degree of sin that You didn't put on that Tree
Thank You Jesus that You came to set us free!

David in Montreal... love how he found a palm tree there!

   It is a beautiful testimony of how the Lord has worked in his life over the years.   You will notice in the song he makes reference to a 'disease'.  He is referring to Ankylosing spondylitis, which is a disease where the discs in his back fuse together.  It is also referred to as the 'bamboo disease'.  David actually got the results from theMRI while visiting us in Roatan 3 years ago.  Isn't that so like God to provide a french speaking missionary here who called to the clinic in Canada for the results and also for him to be able to hear the bad news  with us instead of on his own?!!  It has been very challenging for him not only because of the pain but also the limitations and the stigma.   We are grateful to God for allowing him to be treated with a new and effective drug called embrel, (he gets this medication for free!!) but please pray for him because he has to inject himself weekly and sometimes he finds that very difficult to do.

As I was listening to him sing  this song my heart was so warmed because it reminded me of a time when he was only 8 yrs old and he sang  "Jesus is never too busy for kids" in front of over a 1000 people!!  He sang with confidence and joy!! It really was powerful to hear such a young boy pouring out his heart and ministering to us.
David has always been creative.  This was a photo he set up for me when he was 8 years old.

 Over the years, as he grew up skepticism crept into his heart and he began to doubt the Lord's love for him and saw things within the church that made him doubt the relevancy of the Christian experience.  But God is faithful and over the years continually showed him His father-heart.  He has confirmed His love for David over and over and over again!   Dealing with AS has been difficult for him but it really drew him to the Lord.  Please pray for David as he copes with this and as well as he desires to have a relevant voice in Montreal among his peers.

Thanks for reading and for praying...
 And blessings to you and your family!

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