Monday, November 26, 2012

An umbrella story

what the rainy season looks like in coxen hole!!!
Now what do you use your umbrella for?   Sounds like a simple question doesn't it?   The rain!!   Well here in Roatan we use our umbrellas for both the rain and the sun.  It is so hot here for about 8 months of the year so an umbrella gets used as protection from the sunshine and when the rains starts (in October) we carry it for protection from the rain.

this is mr charlie who does the mangrove tour in Jonesville

this is a lady at the garifuna festival in Punta Gorda

I would say that an umbrella would be seen on the arm or over the head of many many women on this island.  So many different colours, and patterns.  

I remember the first time I went to the market with some other missionaries as they wanted to buy a double umbrella (that means it has two layers of fabric and is very sturdy)   They paid about 12.00 (or 240L) for theirs.   They thought it was a good deal.   I lost my umbrella a few months ago so I went to the market and went looking for an umbrella.   For those of you who know me, I love love love GREEN!  So I found this beautiful green and orange umbrella.. very tropical. 

i wish my umbrella was open but you can see how pretty it is

 Very beautiful!   When I asked the guy how much??  He said,  For you?  100L.  I burst out laughing because that is truly the 'local price'  I knew I had become 'honduran' when I got that price!!

So lets get to the umbrella story shall we?   Okay well last week I went into Coxen Hole with Christena and her wee son David.   She is graduating this week and we went looking for a grad dress together.  It was a blessing to have a couple in Australia help with her grad costs (photos, cap, fees, and gown)  PLUS there was enough left over to buy a second hand dress.   So we were out, and of course, I had my trusty umbrella.    

 It was a lovely hot day and so we used my umbrella to keep David cool as we walked along the dusty dry streets of Coxen Hole.  I left it in one shop and had to to go running back before  someone took it.   Ya that happens here!   Sigh.  Since we weren't able to find a dress that fit her we decided, with the help of Brittany to go back to town another day and buy fabric so Unes could make it for Christena.   It was then that I realized that I had left my umbrella somewhere.  I proceeded to 'backtrack' and look for my umbrella...again!!  Now Brittany said, "Oh Miss Debi, you ain't gonna find dat umbrella.  She be long gone!!!"   

And I said,"Brittany, I believe that the Lord could bring that umbrella back to me if He wanted!!"  She didn't look as convinced as me.   So did I find umbrella that day??  NO!

Can you imagine my delight when Christena pointed out MY UMBRELLA hanging in the little shack where we had our car parked??!  HAHA!   So I approached the lady asking for that umbrella, telling her I lost mine the day before.  Of course, she said it belonged to her cousin.   ARGH!

Now you might think to yourself... why don't you just go and spend another 5 dollars and buy another one!??!
Two reasons:  1. We don't have selection like you do in N.A.  I couldn't just go buy another one like mine.  There wasn't anymore.  And I loved my umbrella!
2. I believed that He would bring it back to me!
God's kind of umbrella....

It's funny once you 'say' something than it becomes a reality.

Okay so fast forward to a rainy Tuesday morning at the shop.  It is pouring down rain.   Do I have an umbrella?  No.   But there is a local man who is always selling umbrellas.  He walks up and down the street hollering "Sombrillas!"   Suddenly I spy a beautiful green and orange umbrella amongst his simple black umbrellas.   I holler back at him and in my limited spanish  I tell him that is MY umbrella (it isn't new.. it is all worn out on my handle)  He says No it's new.  I give him the look and he gives me the look.  I realize at that point that I am going to have to buy back my umbrella!!  Only in Honduras!   So I ask him how much?  He says 100L and I burst out laughing!!  NO!  It's not new.  It's mine.  I tell him to wait and I go to my purse and grab 70L (about 3.50) and hand it to him.  He smiles. I smile.  

I am so glad I got my umbrella back. God brought my umbrella back to me!!  Isn't He good?!! It isn't a big deal but it was my favorite and it was worth it for me to buy it back!   

 That is exactly what God did for us.  He loved us so much that He bought us back.  Many people have forgotten that we belong to Him but He looks down and says "She is mine.  He is mine"   Jesus paid the price for our sins by taking the penalty and although we deserve to die in our sin He said "No they are mine! I paid a great price." He died on the cross so we can live!  Not spent in dollars or limperas but with His precious blood.

The moral of this story. If you love something enough you will pay to have it back.  And if you believe God to do something:  HE WILL! 
After all, He brought my little umbrella back to me, didn't He?  :-)

umbrellas are better when shared with a friend!
right carol?  


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