Tuesday, December 7, 2010

receive the rain

we are having our winter season right now.  no snow is involved but there is a shift in the temperatures.  it is beautifully cooler with strong winds from the north. 
i love the rainy season more then words can say. 
i drink tea in the afternoon. 
i cook chickens and make cream soups.
i wear socks
and go to bed with a light blanket.

earlier i was out in the garden talking to a pastor who dropped by for a visit and it began to rain gently.  we both just kept on talking as if the rain is the most natural thing.  the truth is: when you live on an island where you have a total dry season for about 8 months we welcome the rain.  it isn't only important for the plants, trees and palms but it is important for our soul.  as we stood out there getting wetter and wetter, the rain coming down harder and harder i thought about the 'rain of God'.   we need refreshing from His Spirit daily.  He wants to rain down on us but it is hard for us stand still long enough to do it.  it is really hard to stop, isn't it?

i hope this season that you stop and reflect.   breathe deep.   let Him fall upon you gently and bless you.  the incarnate Christ came to be Immanuel, God with us.  His presence is one of His sweetest gifts.  But we need to stop long enough to receive that beautiful gift of peace.

please pause
please lift your head
please lift your hands
breathe deep
please give thanks
breathe again
please sing hallelujah
please, please, please
please receive His gift:

the other thing we need is light.  last evening bob and i were invited to our friends, larry and susan for dinner.  it was a grey evening,  the air was still and clouds were thick.  i was hoping for a sunset but i knew the clouds were too thick for the sun to show it's glory.  i almost left my camera at home but decided to grab it:  just in case. as we turned onto the beach road (yes we have roads on some of the local beaches!  how cool is that?)  suddenly the clouds broke open and the sun burst forth in such glory that it took my breath away.!! the air that was once still began to blow hard , the rain fell sideways and i thought.. oh my goodness:  look at that light!!!   He blew all the clouds away!!! 

He cried... I am still here! Fear not!

we need the  light don't we?  sometimes our lives get cloudy, dull, routine:  the same day after day. just a mass of gray.   you know what?  the sun is always shining!  always.   it rises faithfully and shines.. it just needs to burst forth.   God's light is always there.  He is light!  You can't extinguish His light.  In fact, in psalm 139 it says that darkness and light are the same to Him.   Let that sink in!    So no matter what you are facing right now, at any moment, the clouds could break and the Son will come shining through.

Believe it
anticipate it
ask for Him to come

that is what Christmas is all about isn't it?
i am believing it for you.  
i am

come Lord Jesus come
burst into our days with the kind of radiance
we once knew and need to know again.

Burst forth....

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.
And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.
Malachi 4:2


  1. That was beautiful, Debi, absolutely beautiful, and oh so true...


  2. as a fellow lover of rain and the Lord, I adore this post!

  3. simply beautiful. Rachel directed me to this. So glad that she did. I too am a lover of our Lord. And right now I need His encouragement. Thank you.
    -maria in Texas

  4. maria... whatever you are going through just hold on tight to Him. He is able to do all things. nothing is too difficult for Him. the hardest thing i ever went through was losing my mom i never thought my joy would be restored again, but He is kind and faithful and He has lifted my heart once again.