Monday, December 6, 2010

a beautiful sunday!


what a beautiful sunday we had! 
bob preached and that is always a treat for me
how many wives can say that their husband was 
first there mentor, friend, then husband, then pastor

he has had a strong spiritual influence on my life over the years
and i still love to sit under his teaching.
it blesses me
i brought my camera to church but i was too engaged to even
think about taking a photo.
that is good isn't it?
he spoke from mark 10:45
about the importance of having a servant attitude
(instead of a 'me' attitude)
it was hard hitting, practical and needed for many people 
myself included.

bob constructing the tree with buddy's help. see him there?!

the afternoon brought soft sweet rain
it was chilly and grey
a perfect day to put up the tree
i was blessed to have two friends drop by
in the afternoon
i love having people in our home
it was beautiful to decorate the house
it looks so cozy and lovely.

i was blessed with the lighting of the 2nd advent
the tree was light, we sat with delicious cider in our hands,
and a soft anticipation of Him joining us
we focused on joseph doing what is right
i read this story
we set up skype with emily 
it was like having her there with us!
i found myself looking at the computer screen alot, sighing
and enjoying her sweet face.
how i miss our kids!!!
they will be getting together in dartmouth this year
since we were just in canada in the summer we can't afford to fly there
but we will skype on christmas morning together.

skype is wonderful!!
if you aren't using it on your computer then i encourage you to get it

i love making the house look beautiful.... i do it for Him.

we are anticipating a great week here
it is our 1 year anniversary with the 'made in roatan' shop
bob got a big "Happy 1 year Anniversary" banner made
and all week we will be celebrating!
every thing in the shop is 10% off!
if you are on the island.. come on by and get something 


  1. your tree looks lovely with the lights reflecting on both windows

  2. Debi, it is beautiful!