Friday, November 19, 2010

photos of the week

 sunday afternoon after a great church service bob went for a snorkel with susan 
me?  i went for a massage with edgar.  sooo glad i did!   it really really helped!
 monday -  kendy came over and we made christmas ornaments to sell in the shop

 one thing i was hoping to NEVER see is a scorpion!  well.. carlos found this in the branches of the traveling palm and brought it to me for a photo.  he brought on a leaf as if it was the most normal thing ever.  i was petrified!   scorpions are scary!!!   they sting!  carlos just laughed at me and told me one was in his bed once and he rolled on it by accident and of course he stung him.  i don't know if he was being a typical 17 macho honduran or what but he made it seem like no big deal.   it hurt when it stung him and then his body went numb! (oh yeah carlos.. no big deal!!!)

needless to say:  i got carlos to kill it.

tuesday morning came with clear blue skies and bringing with it a host of tourists.   we were happy because there were some canadian friends on there. one thing we enjoy is getting to see our friends when they come in on a cruise ship.  today we met kevin, pam and their family.  what a wonderful couple.  they went out on a tour with marquito and then we met at the house.   carlos had just picked some fresh apple bananas so they were thrilled to taste them and visit on the deck enjoying the beautiful view of the caribbean sea in all her glory!!
later we met bob at west end for lunch at the 'cannibel cafe'
(don't worry no one was harmed during the meal!)
i was thrilled to see this mama hummingbird sitting so proper on her nest
isn't that creative to make a nest on the end of christmas lights??!

 on the way to the shop we drove along the south shore through flower's bay and i was able to get
one of my favorite shots of all time. i just love that crititty old deck with the mangrove watching 
guard out to the sea
 a kind tourist took this photo of us with the Estay Family from Nova Scotia, Canada!
  what a wonderful family!   so giving and caring!
i would have zoomed in to get
just the shop and us but i am actually glad he didn't because if you look on the right side
you will see marco, mark, and samuel (our shop neighbors) who are always hanging around...
it was good to have them in the photo!
 wednesday is small group day at our house so i spent some time studying 2 Kings 6: 8-22
read it sometime.. such a great story of not only His power but the importance of showing grace
to people in our lives who are less then 'lovely'
as you can see buddy is an avid reader too. 
he is so talented!
see.. he can even read upside down!!  :-)

i also went for a wee walk to see our neighbor melvin the wood carver
he is such a beautiful christian man.
you can see him here if you want

i was sooo blessed talking with him.
and then i had a wonderful  time of prayer with luma.
followed by small group!
that night when i went to bed i thought could i be any more blessed???
thursday was a rainy cool lovely day, so i made some banana bread.
it was delicious

there was supposed to be a cruise ship in today but the winds were too high for it that meant no going to the made in roatan shop but instead we were able to go out and get some errands done. i got a belated birthday/early christmas parcel parcel today from my friend karen.  how sweet!

 one stop?   to get a poinsetta.. of course!  i got out of the car and hobbled around calling out for someone to help me.  i hollered more.  hobbled more.  but no one was around.  disappointed i went back to the car and just as we were leaving i saw this sign with a phone number.  i called and the man said he would be there in 3 minutes.. haha.. he was too!!   :-)
so i am enjoying having a beautiful christmas plant in the garden and hope to grows big and tall.. like a tree!

  today is friday... pizza night!!   we are going out with larry, susan and diedre for pizza at pizza inn.
i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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