Sunday, September 12, 2010

garifuna festival

right after church today we drove to punta gorda to see the garifuna festival.  what a great day!  i loved every minute of it.  we have gone to two previous festivals, and i also take people out there for visits. so i enjoyed many wonderful greetings, and hugs from the people who live there.. so friendly!

i love the garifuna!   i often feel when i am at their shores that i am in what i call 'the real roatan'.   the beaches are long, sweeping with natural white sand (not brought in like some.. ahem.. resorts!)   you can see people fishing in their wooden boats, walking arm and arm down the road, hanging out laundry, braiding each other's hair.  it is a slow pace full of natural connections and an ease that i believe as north americans we have begun to have only vague memories of the 'good ol' days'

the festival was the largest and the best attended yet!  usually we meet in a small bandstand where you have drummers, dancers and food vendors all squished in.  but this time they had many tents/palapas set up for food and people selling their 'wares'.  the main stage was out on the beach. i felt bad for the dancers who were dancing in that hot sun but they didn't seem to mind.

once again i was swept away by the beauty of their colorful costumes, the artful way they did their hair and an authentic joy to see them singing their garifuna songs and enjoying a large bowl of machuca (fish soup)

i was blessed just being there with them.
here are some photos for you to enjoy:

first thing on the agenda: EAT! so delicious!

bob with some of the young dancers!
a good turnout

some dance, some fish.. these boys FISH with a bow and arrow!
the best young drummer of them all .. i think!
a guest appearance from shamu!!  the kids had a blast
how to you spell COOL dude?!!
the guys did some dancing too.. in bare feet on sand with rocks and shells. ouch!
the older ladies still able to get down.. literally!!!
meet wilma .. the wife of pedro who recently passed away
a sweet siesta
so colorful.. so beautiful!

the young, the old... all had a good time!
i am not sure what this is...  but alot of people ate it
it was a HOT day.. anything was used to shade the sun!

thanks for coming with me to the 'east side' once again.   they live in a remote part of the island with less amenities, access to doctors etc.   their life is simple but it is also full of sacrifice and hard work just to be able 'to make it'

my hats goes off to them today.  i can still hear the drumming in my head, i can still see their feet swiftly dancing on the hot sand, i can feel the warmth of their kisses on my cheek and tonight i will thank God for them and ask Him to bless them in special ways. 

will you join me in praying for them?  i hope so...

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  1. There is an ancient beauty attached to Punta Gorda...perhaps the untouched sense of the place and you a wistful feeling of days gone by...a simpler time...thanks for sharing it Deb!